Yoga is a practice that teaches us to cultivate moment to moment awareness of our body, mind and emotion. It is a practice that cheeps to tonify, strengthen and balance or body which intern has a positive effect on our physiology and quality of mind and emotion.The physical practice helps to allowing for greater steadiness and contentment through the ups and downs of life. Yoga is a system that emphasises balance, . My personal approach draws on my experience teaching and practicing the yoga synergy method and my interest in gaining insight and wisdom from the inseparable connection between the body and mind. I invite you to learn and practice at a pace that supports you to balance your nervous system and grow your awareness. I hope to inspire in you a curious inquiry, so that yoga can be at its best and be personal to you.

personalised one on one sessions

1:1 yoga gives you the opportunity to develop your personal practice of yoga. Whether you are a beginner, experienced practitioner or needing help through recovery from illness, injury or a particular life transition 1:1 yoga can support you to develop a yoga practice that complements and supports your individual needs. 1:1 yoga provides the space for you to  embody your learning and its a great way to ensure you are practicing appropriately and effectively.

Because you are unique, the ways in which I can support you will be personal to you. Please contact me to book your initial consultation or if you have any questions.

trauma informed gentle yoga

Small group classes allow the opportunity to practice with others  and be a part of a group.

vinyasa yoga

I teach the yoga synergy method in small group of maximum 10 allowing you to receive personal attention and progress your practice at a pace that is appropriate for you. I am passionate about assisting  you to adapt the synergy sequences to suit your unique needs and help  to practice to support your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Yoga Synergy method has been developed over 30 years by experienced yoga practitioners and physiotherapists Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss. It incorporates asanas (poses and postures), vinyasa (exercises) and pranayama (breathing control) and meditation. It’s a dynamic, moving meditation, which links specific yoga postures performed in sequence, with specific breathing patterns. This style of yoga is very effective in developing strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, it will help you to ba;ence your energy levels and manage and lower the stress responseincreasing energy and the ability to deal with stress. All postures are progressive allowing you to establish a good foundation and have a simple and a more challenging version so – whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, and depending on how you feel on the day – you’ll be able to choose the level of difficulty that suits you.