There is something really special about carving out the time and space to dedicate to your yoga practice. You will be developing your relationship with the deepest, truest part of yourself.

Its worth every second of it.

Here are a few tips to get you going……to your mat!!

Be clear about what you are doing, and why?

A home practice is more likely to grow and gain momentum with a clear intention and purpose for practicing. Take the time to clarify why you want to practice. Is it to increase your resilience to stress? To release tension from you body? To increase your chances of a good nights sleep? Or to feel a deeper connection to your innate truth? Whatever your intention is, write it down and remember it! It’s to easy to get sidetracked. Remembering your intention will really help when the doubt shows up, its like a map, showing you the way back.

Practice what feels good

A good place to start is with what feels good to you. When you are in class start to notice how postures, breath and meditation practices affect you. How do you feel when you do child’s pose while noticing your body and breathing slowly for 5 breaths? How do you feel after a short upbeat flowing sequence? This awareness can take time, and is a part of developing your practice and making it your own. So don’t worry if it feels unfamiliar and unknown, be patient and kind to yourself. Another place to start is with your favourite postures, chances are you like them because they generally feel good? Start with what you know and love and then let it grow!!

Space is important.

I think it’s a big reason why yoga class feels so special, it’s space just for our practice. Explore creating a sacred space just for you at home or in nature. It can help to have some elements that evoke a yoga mood for you and makes every cell in your body think Yogatime!

Stay open to what practice looks like

It might be just one posture or spending a dedicated time reading a book about yoga. There really is no wrong way to do this. It can be short or long and remember, whatever time you do spend on your yoga practice is an investment. Just make your way to your yoga mat. And see what happens!!!

Be ok with what is and be kind to yourself

Feel the resistance when it arises. Its normal, and its ok. Get to know the resistance, perhaps being with your resistance is you practice for today? Once we know what is getting in our way we can takes steps to change. One step at a time. Let your practice grow!!!!! Just like learning any new skill or creating a habit we need to start where we are and practice regularly if want to create change. Yoga really is no different!

Oh! and have fun!