Yoga helps me stay centred in myself, grounded in my body and in touch with what gives my life meaning. I love teaching and sharing the gift of yoga that has impacted my life so greatly. I believe yoga is a personal practice that when practiced mindfully, responsively and with kindness can help you to unravel patterns of tension and build resilience to the impact of stress, and support you to experience optimal health and wellbeing.


My approach incorporates the Yoga Synergy method, therapeutic applications, bodywork and mindfulness techniques.I am committed to working with you as an individual to develop a practice that is appropriate, accessible and enjoyable to you. My style emphasis teaching you tools to develop mind body awareness so that your learning is embodied and you can practice responsively for yourself, allowing yoga to be a practice that is integrated into your daily life.




Cath is highly empathic, intuitive and inspiring. After a session with Cath I feel supported, nourished and better resourced

Michele Lamont

Counsellor & Psychologist

Cath has a calm and steady energy about her that grounds me with her presence. Cath creates a safe and comfortable environment for me to practice.

Eriko Watanabe

yoga teacher

I studied dance at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane before moving to Sydney and completing my yoga teacher training with Katie Manitsas at Samadhi Yoga in 2004. I began teaching full time and developed an interest in sharing yoga with members of my community that may otherwise not be able to attend, such as adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, children with a range of physical and mental disabilities, women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and individuals with mental health challenges.


In 2007 I completed my training with Simon Borg- Olivier and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy and I have taught regular classes at the school ever since. The Yoga Synergy method is based on a deep and sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology, modern medical science and traditional hatha yoga. The Yoga Synergy style is practical, intelligently sequenced and can be adapted to the individual while offer plenty of space for progression and learning.


I am a qualified counsellor and I specialises in teaching yoga that is trauma sensitive and client centred. I am also passionate about art, nature, personal growth and my dog Jasper!

My simple promise is to help you learn and discover ways you can support your wellbeing throughout your life. I believe healing and change is possible and I look forward to sharing the gifts and yoga and Ortho-Bionomy with you.