Helping you feel better with private yoga and Ortho-Bionomy®



I offer private yoga and Ortho-Bionomy to suit your individual needs. I work from a beautiful space in Newtown and across Sydneys Inner West.

My simple promise is to help you learn and discover ways you can support your wellbeing throughout your life. I believe healing and change is possible and I look forward to sharing the gifts and yoga and Ortho-Bionomy with you.


Private yoga is a personalised approach to yoga that is tailored to your unique needs and ensures you are practicing at a pace and level that is appropriate to you. As your teacher I will guide you in learning yoga effectively in a way that makes sense to you and fits with your reasons for choosing this practice. Private yoga is suitable for people of all ages, levels of health and fitness. Together we can create a practice and plan to meet your unique needs and goals.


Yoga and Ortho-Bionomy help me stay centred in myself, grounded in my body and in touch with what gives my life meaning. I love teaching and sharing the gifts that yoga and Ortho-Bionomy have given me. My approach incorporates the Yoga Synergy method, therapeutic body work and mindfulness techniques. I am committed to working with you as an individual to help you experience optimal health and wellbeing .


Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, non invasive body work therapy that is helpful in addressing many pain and stress conditions. Ortho-Bionomy supports your self-correcting capacity through the use of gentle movement and positioning of the body as well as light compression into the joints. Ortho-Bionomy stimulates long-lasting changes by re-educating your body so that it can effectively maintain balance and optimal functioning on its own.